Cook4YourMan would love to help you whip up delicious, no-frills meals for you and your man.  My name is Stefani K. and I cook everyday for my husband, family and a house filled with rotating guests.  For many years at bakeries and restaurants, I prepared all sorts of goodies and delicious meals.  Through this, I've gathered you need nothing more than some really good basic recipes and simple ingredients to make every meal fantastic.  Nothing fancy shmancy, just some everyday GOOD home cookin'.  When it's made with love, your cooking will taste better than the best of restaurants, trust...  And, even better, turn $10 of groceries into a $60 meal for two.  I'm all about saving, but like the next person, I love eating great food more.  You can have it all when you cook at home.  Yup.  Plus, your man will be so grateful, ask for a favor anytime you need one!  ;)  Grab a sweet Cherry Coke, relax, browse around and decide what's next for dinner.  You'll find a favorite dish for your man here with delicious recipes, cooking tips and menus to assist in your cooking adventures.

Every Cook4YourMan recipe on this site, either original, adapted or otherwise noted, are favorites that have been circulated through our kitchen time and again.  They've been approved by my husband (for the most part), whom I'd consider a man's man; meat, sports, starches, sports, occasional vegetables... served with a generous helping of ESPN.  March Madness may be madness watching him yell at the flatscreen, but a man is worth it all when he's a good, solid man.

With every successful relationship comes sacrifices.  Fixing a meal is nothing more than a labor of our love.  Now, let's get cookin' for our men!