Dairy can make a dish fabulously rich and silky, creamy and cheesy :)

Cook4YourMan recipes prefers to use "whole" or full-fat dairy, whether it be sour cream, milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.  Assume that it is, if not noted.  I choose "whole" over reduced fat dairy products because it's richer and tastier, thereby creating a dish with a whole lot of depth.  It's why dairy was added in the recipe the first place, so why make it sad?  Also, the addition of dairy in a dish is likely to be only a small amount, so if it's the calories your worried about... fuhhgettt abouddit.  Unless it's like mac n' cheese but then, in that case, why would anyone watching their caloric intake be making such a gooey, delicious pasta?  Personally, I'd rather consume a piece of cheese than cardboard tasting, low-fat mac n' cheese. Or... be creative - uh, not with the mac n' cheese, there's really no substitute for cheese.  But say, for instance, potato salad or chicken salad or even coffee cakes.  I substitute yogurt many times in place of sour cream or mayo.  I know mayo is not dairy, just sayin'.  I love sour cream and mayo, so I have to be careful how it's replaced.  A cake should do fine with all yogurt substitution, but when it's a potato salad or something where the sour cream or mayo isn't cooked and the substitution can be tasted, you're going to need to leave at least 2/3 mayo or 1/2 sour cream - you'll have to push your limits on how far you can go with taste.   Substitution sometimes does the job and taste is not sacrificed.  Your man will never know if you don't tell.  Mine didn't and loved it.  Until I slipped one day.  "We're eating healthy, Babe.  It's made out of yogurt."  and then... he stopped eating it.  Dang my big mouth, "... No, not all yogurt! Only a third". Didn't matter - he pushed my delicious Dill Potato Salad out of reach and threw me a look.  Darned boys (I mean, men). 

Of course, that's only my opinion.  Use whatever type of low or non fat dairy you like to substitute.  Most dishes will turn out about the same, unless it's noted so within in the recipe.