Moist Banana Bread
Easiest way to make super moist banana bread.  And for a nice lil' surprise... serve with a dallop of Nutella.

Ingredients (serves 16)
2 (18.25 ounce) boxes white cake mix (preferably Betty Crocker's Super Moist) 
5 eggs, room temperature
½ cup vegetable oil
1¾ cup water, room temperature
4 medium-size bananas, very ripe, peeled

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  (I use a Viking oven, which is near professional ovens and heats up very well, therefore I bake 325 degrees F.)

2.  Line parchment or wax paper in 2 (8x4-inch) aluminum loaf pans and spray with PAM or cooking spray or rub a couple teaspoons of canola oil all over with your fingers (you'll need to be a little creative and make a few cuts so that the parchment fits).  I don't recommend using dark, coated loaf pans - the banana bread sides may burn or brown too quickly before the interior can finish cooking.

3.  Sift cake mix into a very large mixing bowl, I use my stockpot because when you start to whisk and get it all in your hair, you're gonna wish you did too.

4.  Break eggs into a separate bowl and beat well with fork.  I break eggs into a separate bowl for two reasons, A) to retrieve any egg shells that may have fallen in, B) and eggs are beat thoroughly before adding to cake mixture.  Set aside.

5.  In another medium sized bowl, use a potato masher or fork to mash bananas until a thick puddingish consistancy (remaining chunks unable to be smashed are fine).  Set aside.

6.  Add water, oil and beaten eggs to cake mix.  Whisk until just combined.  Never over-mix batter as it produces a very tough product instead of being light and airy.

7.  Using a spatula, fold mashed bananas into batter until just incorporated.

8.  Pour batter evenly into loaf pans.

9.  Set pans in middle rack, and bake 55 to 65 minutes (depending on how dark your pans are).  Start checking for doneness at 55 minutes (50 minutes if you prefer), using a toothpick inserted straight down the middle of the loaf.

10.  Cool completely on rack before serving.