{ butternut squash soup = warm happy belly }

November 16, 2012

{ Butternut Squash Soup Recipe }

It's finally getting chilly outside!  The weather's been a crapshot this year in Southern California - some days its sweltering summer heat, other days its raining so bad our pool will fill up inches at a time.  But it's been getting back to normal and there's even some snow in the mountains.  Perfect timing, because Thanksgiving is just around the corner and who wants a hot Thanksgiving day?  Yap, not me.

Thanksgiving is surely my second favorite holiday of the year with all the yummy, decadent NOMNOM foods you can dream of and an excuse for family and friends to gather around to get super stuffed and happy.  Can't wait :)  However, I have to admit Thanksgiving Day creeps up way too fast every year.  Seems like there's never enought time to prepare or cook everything in time.  If your lucky to be making and hosting Thanksgiving dinner (or not so lucky) make sure your dinner comes out perfect by preparing for it weeks in advance.  As soon as Halloween is over, I like to to start cooking Thanksgiving foods for dinner to test out new recipes and practice the old (makes perfect!).  Even the turkey.  There's nothing worse than a dry turkey or runny pumpkin pie for the big day ::cries::  Because let's be real, Lady, after not making this meal for a year, it's easy to forget what you did 364 days ago.

This butternut squash soup is one of the easiest things to make for your big day with only 3 ingredients.  Even better, you can make this a couple days in advance!  Just heat it up when everyone has arrived.  It will make your Thanksgiving life so much easier.  How does it taste?  Trust me when I say it's the sh*t (really).  Naturally sweet, creamy and thick, piping hot bowl of beautiful orangeness.  Try it.  Oh, and did I mention butternut squash is cheap as heck.  Our local Trader Joe's sells them for $1.67/each.  There's absolutely no reason not to make this.

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