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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Year :)  Hope the holidays was everything you wished it to be and more.  Come February 10th - 2013 will enter the year of the Black (Water) Snake in Chinese astrology.  It's so fun and interesting, I can never pass up reading about it.  If you like the stuff too, here are some fun facts on the year of the snake.

My apoligies being MIA during the holidays... I've been trying to revamp the site!  (Worse timing.)  The design I had in mind was originally going through a really long, horrendous and detoured route.  I transfered the blog content, files and all, crossed my fingers hoping not a thing would get lost or jumbled along the way.  After spending many weeks of work and frazzling millions of brain cells, I discovered there was another way to do it without killing myself in the process.  Of course... sigh.  So please bear with me for the time being while the site is under construction.  You may find missing pages, pictures or links or funny things where they shouldn't be.  Whoops, sorry, I'm probably discovering and testing out fun new web designs.  Thank you for your patience!

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