Should I Use This...?

If you're not sure, throw it out.  If you think it's too old or stale or think it may have gone bad - throw it out.  Humans have a strong immune system and do not get sick everytime something spoiled is consumed.  Although, it's always better to be on the safe side.  

The other issue is if you're using ingredients that could be stale or old, your dish will taste like S**T (that's right).  Dried herbs, flour, crackers, chocolate, things you think or wish have a forever shelf-life, but don't. I've been lazy one too many times, cut corners more than I'd like to admit and my dear Chef, take it from me: don't go through the trouble of creating your meal to end up with a more-than-likely horrible tasting dish, even if you cooked it perfect.  One bad ingredient will kill the deal.  And if you're like me after creating a dud, I totally beat myself up and can't get over it when I knew I should have omitted or gone to the supermarket to replace the ingredient in the first place.  Don't do what I did.  Learn from what I've done.  Don't embarrass yourself in front of your guests.  It's no bueno.